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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? A true story of the real Palaeolithic diet!

Food Warning: This blog contains (research by people who are) nuts (about ancient animals and peoples). How do you eat an elephant?  The old motivational question is answered by ‘one bite at a time’. The same thing could perhaps be said … Continue reading

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Small but mighty

Our planet’s climate fluctuations move to the slow, almost imperceptible dance steps of tilts in our axis and wobbles in our precession around the star we call the Sun. These movements which cause natural global-scale climate changes are known as … Continue reading

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The Bear from Clare – new evidence for an early human presence in late Pleistocene Ireland

Many people know at least something of the gradual flooding of the palaeolandscape of Doggerland, off the east coast of Britain. They have a pretty good idea of how the sea encroached on that early European land bridge from around … Continue reading

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A Camel for Christmas

When I was a small child, it was traditional in rural Ireland to go round neighbouring churches and view their nativity cribs. The ones I was always more impressed by were the ones with huge plaster animals – the oxen, … Continue reading

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Baby’s got quack

Who could actually resist a news headline about a giant Pleistocene Japanese duck? Not me, I’m afraid. Kaiju films are one of my favourite things, alongside disaster movies. From Godzilla to Pacific Rim, I love ‘em all. Add the word … Continue reading

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Seeking redemption

Extinction, they say, is forever. There’s the distressing aspect of poaching and trophy hunting (can you tell the difference any more? No, me neither) as highlighted by the senseless, savage deaths of rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers and many more creatures. … Continue reading

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The ancients of the forest

Most of our posts have been about the giant mammals of the Pleistocene – creatures of legend, and folklore which people have wondered at for thousands of years. Yet we can’t forget they existed in landscapes very different from our … Continue reading

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