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The most (and least) read posts of 2018!

A year goes far too quickly. But a lot has happened. Rena is now Dr Rena after successfully completing her PhD. Ross has finished his book (The Missing Lynx) which is coming out in Summer 2019 (very exciting!). And Jan … Continue reading

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The most (and least) read blog posts of 2016

A huge thank you to all our readers for another wonderful year of Twilight Beasts! For some reason we didn’t receive our annual ‘summary of’ breakdown, so we shall pull it together for you! Thank you for all your continued … Continue reading

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2015: A review of the Beasts

At the end of each year, bloggers on are sent a short summary of activity on their blog. The whole report can be seen at the link at the end of this post if you like to scan through. … Continue reading

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100,000 Thank Yous….

We have achieved 100,000 views of the blog. To each and every reader, thank you. We hope you enjoy our exploration of the Pleistocene as much as we enjoy the researching and writing. It’s been a remarkable adventure, and we … Continue reading

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