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Naming Nature

The naming of animals plants is not an easy task, yet it is probably one of the most important ones in science (even though there is little money available for it). We need to understand the unique biodiversity on our … Continue reading

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The most (and least) read posts of 2021

2021. A second year into the pandemic. We really wish all of our readers a very safe, healthy and happy 2022. And we also would love to thank all of you for reading our blog posts over the year. We … Continue reading

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Diminishing giants

Island dwarfism is perhaps one of the most beautiful examples of evolution through natural selection. Large animals that arrive on an island, evolve smaller sizes to survive on less food, and because there are fewer (if any) predators. (Similarly, small … Continue reading

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Foolish dogs

In 1870 another species was wiped off the face of the Earth. The warrah, or the Falkland Islands wolf, was only known to science in 1792. Less than 100 years later it was gone. The last known induvial died in … Continue reading

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When time disappears

Time. It’s a funny thing. We are aware of time. We watch time. Sat on a long train journey, or in a very tedious meeting, and time seems to last for ever: the seconds tick by slowly. There are other … Continue reading

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The bellowing antelope

Locked within Rusinga Island are secrets from the past. Secrets of life long gone trapped in the ash of an ancient volcano. It is sat in the north east of Africa’s largest lake known by locals as Nam Lolwe, Nnalubaale, … Continue reading

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The largest of the rodents

Guinea pigs are common pets around the world, with over one million of these furry, or sometimes naked, little rodents being cared for by people. They are relatively easy to look after, and pretty cute too. My daughter likes to … Continue reading

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The littlest Homo

The field of human evolution is fascinating. New finds are changing our knowledge each year as more and more incredible discoveries are made. The 21st century has really opened our eyes to how wonderful and diverse our ancient relatives were. … Continue reading

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In cold pursuit

From feathered dinosaurs to woolly mammoths, countless animals that no longer live have come to pervade modern popular culture. Snuck into a world of dragons, witches, and ice zombies in Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice & Fire), … Continue reading

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A beautiful world

Our planet is remarkable. Think about it for a second. Oceans full of fish, mammals, invertebrates. Land covered by plants, incredible insects, and amazing animals. The skies full of birds, mammals, and insects. All this life around us living, surviving, … Continue reading

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