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Buttercup the Mammoth

Woolly Mammoths are the most well-known, and most well-loved, of all Ice Age animals. Their great size along with their long, shaggy hair has hit the ‘cute chord’ in the hearts of many. Humans have a strong emotional connection with elephants … Continue reading

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The burrowers

To witness the full majestic sight of the Giant Ground Sloth in all it’s glory, it is best to visit at twilight. For around half an hour after the museum doors open, and then again for around half an hour just before … Continue reading

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Darwin’s 18 pence

South American Pleistocene beasts were super weird. They owe their peculiar evolution to events that happened deep within the very bowels of the planet, hundreds of millions of years ago. Almost all the land that we know today was squashed together … Continue reading

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The sabretooth salmon

Almost everyone has heard about sabretooth cats, mostly thanks to the incredibly fun Ice Age movie series with the cool cat, Diego. But it wasn’t the only sabre toothed beastie of the Pleistocene. There was of course, the more unfamiliar … Continue reading

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