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Clovis hunting an African elephant

One of the advantages of having entered academia after the internet revolution is that the majority of my library is virtual. My laptop PDF paper collection is currently at 6,554 items (and there are another 1,500 or so waiting to … Continue reading

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Seeking redemption

Extinction, they say, is forever. There‚Äôs the distressing aspect of poaching and trophy hunting (can you tell the difference any more? No, me neither) as highlighted by the senseless, savage deaths of rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers and many more creatures. … Continue reading

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Shiva’s beast

A giraffe kissed me (when I was twelve) and I liked it. It was a hot August day in Dublin Zoo, and the beautiful creature simply leaned over the fence and administered a big giraffy sloppy kiss to my face. … Continue reading

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