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We are honoured to receive guest submissions for this blog. Our index lists all the Beasts written about. This page lists all the wonderful guest posts and their awesome authors.

There are so many incredible Twilight Beasts that have lived (and are still living), why not get in touch and write about your favourite:

TwilightBeasts [at]

Here are our guest posts so far:

A wonderful look at Charles Knight’s Ice Age illustrations by @LydiaPyneImpressions of the Pleistocene

The monotreme that was as big as a sheep! The Giant Echidna by @_CarlyMonksA prickly giant with a very long tongue

Meet the awesome group of beasts demonstrating convergent evolution. Or how to look like a pig. The Peccary and their history by @CenozoicKingAmerica’s original razorbacks

Some relatives of todays elephants were enormous. Others were surprisingly small! The pygmy Stegodons by @pyg_eleph: Of dwarfs and dragons

Ever wondered about parasites on and inside Ice Age animals? Me neither. Until I read this awesome post by @larusnz: The beasts within

A beautifully written post on beasts that survived through the Twilight because of their speed. The wonderful pronghorns by @earlycapistran: Ghosts of the desert

Marvel at the awesome illustrations of the American Lion and the Giant Short-Faced Bear in this amazing post by @TedRechlin: Just like the weather

Terror Birds were the largest, and most terrifying, birds to have walked the planet. They were around for over 60 million years! Read more about them in The long reign of terror by @ferwen

Some of our ancestors are not as well known as others. Meet our cute ancient vegitarian couisins, Paranthropus by @osteoconner: Side by side with Homo

Ancient DNA is addding more information to what we know about the recent past. And sometimes confuses things too. Meet they mysterious human species known as the Denisovans by @sunderdown: Who were the Denisovans anyway?

A unique, first hand account of the incredible discovery of Homo naledi by one of the incredible underground astronaunts @Paleo_Bonegirl: We are made of staff stuff

Have a peak in Wayne Mannor and discover the ice age fossils from Creswell Crags hidden away! An excellent post by @JordanBestwick1: Ice Age Mammals in Batman’s House

Fossil beetles can help reconstruct the past environments in surprising detail! Find out how in our guest post by Francis Roweny:  Amidst the footsteps of giants

Where did our species come from? Did we mate with other species of Homo? Find out in an awesome post by @LucyvanDorp: On the origins of our species

3 Responses to Guest posts

  1. perplexe says:

    I like your blog very much. I rediscover many things. I was intwresrwd In geology and paléo in m’y childhood. Very weird to cône back to such mystwries after 35 years.
    À question about canelops. Why it went extinct?

  2. Randall Cullinan says:

    Please help me find the most expert among you concerning the earliest Jaguars and their migration to the North American continent. Among the questions is were they the larger predecessor of the current Jaguar or downsized after they arrived. Is there proof through relics or other methods.Also do we have any proof as to the color as it advanced across the ice bridge and after it spread out in North America.

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