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The World Before Us

Tom Higham helps run the Research Laboatory for Archaeology and the History of Art (RLAHA) at the University of Oxford. He has been a pioneer of improving the efficacy and accuracy of radiocarbon dating, introducing methods that are now global … Continue reading

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The forgotten dogs of South America

Abya Yala was the land of dogs for a long time.* This is where they evolved. On a solitary, large landmass drifting through a vast ocean. A landmass that Europeans would later call North America. These very familiar animals evolved … Continue reading

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Nothing but the tooth

Teeth are probably one of the best parts of an animal. They are tough. They Hard. They can chomp down food. What’s more when the animal dies, they stand more of a chance of outlasting the brittle bones. They take … Continue reading

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The most (and least) read posts of 2020!

2020 has undoubtedly been the strangest year for all of us. Trying to carry on with our lives and work has been challenging during a pandemic, and I know that many of us have lost people close to us over … Continue reading

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Marching up the wrong tree

Before Darwin published his theory of evolution through natural selection, On the Origin of Species, evolution wasn’t a new concept. It had been discussed by many different people of science as early as the Ancient Greeks. It was how evolution … Continue reading

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G(e)nomic Wisdom

When I first started doing ancient DNA way back in two thousand and [polite cough], every base pair was a win. Nature papers were published with less sequence than you’d now expect a fresher to produce in their first lab … Continue reading

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The Story of the King Rabbit

‘And he said, “Very well, I will bless your bottom as it sticks out of the hole. Bottom, be strength and warning and speed for ever and save the life of your master. Be it so!” And as he spoke, … Continue reading

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The Evolutionary History of Extinct and Living Lions

I’m fairly obsessed with cave lions. If one were to open up my head and look at my brain’s RAM it would be something like 70% facts about extinct species of cat, 20% stuff that my wife and kids tell … Continue reading

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America’s Ass

If you saw Avengers: Endgame, then you probably talked about it with your friends afterwards. The story. The action. The loss. And the ass. Yes. That ass. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) comments on Captain America’s old suit, saying it … Continue reading

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The most (and least) read posts of 2019

We like to share our most read posts, along with our least read posts (so we can share the love). Have a little browse through – all hold wonderful clues to the recent past. Least read post of 2019 It’s … Continue reading

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