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A beautiful world

Our planet is remarkable. Think about it for a second. Oceans full of fish, mammals, invertebrates. Land covered by plants, incredible insects, and amazing animals. The skies full of birds, mammals, and insects. All this life around us living, surviving, … Continue reading

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100,000 Thank Yous….

We have achieved 100,000 views of the blog. To each and every reader, thank you. We hope you enjoy our exploration of the Pleistocene as much as we enjoy the researching and writing. It’s been a remarkable adventure, and we … Continue reading

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The last of its kind

Twilight beasts come in all shapes and sizes, with some being more familiar, like the sabretooth cat, Smilodon, and others less so, like the strange mini-sheep, Myotragus. Although we have some fossils, there are still a lot of awesome things … Continue reading

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