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The beast of the woods

I love a good walk in the woods. Breathing the clean fresh air into my lungs. Spotting a bird hop on a branch nearby. Listening to the almost silence as the wind gently rustles the leaves above. Feeling the crunch … Continue reading

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The hyena that was overshadowed by a Tyrannosaurus rex

One of the wonderful things about being part of Twilight Beasts is that we are discovering new beasts all the time. Many beasts are familiar, like mammoths and sabretooth cats. Others not so much, like the unbelievably cute Great Jerboa, … Continue reading

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Crazy cute Ice Age animal you’ve never heard of

Owl sick is full of exciting surprises. Many birds of prey (owls, kestrels and sparrow hawks for example) will cough up fur balls full of bones. These silent predators struggle to digest the hard parts of the little creatures they feast … Continue reading

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