100,000 Thank Yous….

We have achieved 100,000 views of the blog. To each and every reader, thank you. We hope you enjoy our exploration of the Pleistocene as much as we enjoy the researching and writing. It’s been a remarkable adventure, and we have encountered immense fun and kindness.

To celebrate the event, two of our Twitter followers gifted us these original pieces of art. Nathan Redland (@nathanredland) envisioned two naughty wee Chalicotheres smashing their bowl of drink in celebration…

megafauna, pleistocene, twilight beasts

…while Beth Windle, a remarkably talented illustrator (@WindleBeth and gallery/ website) gave us the beautiful Thylacine entitled ‘Ghost’, with the comment that he may be the last ghost our species creates from our non-human inhabitants of this planet.

megafauna, pleistocene, twilight beasts, thylacine, extinction

So, we had to share with you all. Because it’s your blog too.

Thank you all again – it’s a pleasure, and here’s to the next 100,000!!

The Twilight Beast Team.



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5 Responses to 100,000 Thank Yous….

  1. kerberos616 says:

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.

  2. Chris says:

    Congrats! You’ve got a nice blog going on here.

  3. africagomez says:

    That thylacine is awesome! Congratulations on your fantastic blog, a treasure trove of information.

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  5. Simon says:

    As a reader, i think i should point out that it’s really our turn to say “thank you”. Your blog provides great reading. Instructive, and entertaining too. What more could one ask for except maybe a cold beer to go with it?

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