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Crazy cute Ice Age animal you’ve never heard of

Owl sick is full of exciting surprises. Many birds of prey (owls, kestrels and sparrow hawks for example) will cough up fur balls full of bones. These silent predators struggle to digest the hard parts of the little creatures they feast … Continue reading

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To worship the lion

We think of lions, today, as African animals. This is mostly true. However, there is still a tiny refugium of non-African lions, isolated in the Kathiawar peninsula of India, and centred on the Gir forest reserve. Here, 400 or so … Continue reading

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The bear necessities

Humans and bears have a strange relationship. On the one hand we see them as lovable, smart, curious creatures (think Baloo from the Jungle Book). On the other, we have taken great pains to exterminate them wherever and whenever we … Continue reading

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